The First Bay War was a war on the Large Island between several nation. It was the first were multiple country were fighting on both sides.


Staten Union Bay Defense Pact
Amsterdam Reich
United States of Twente
Empire of Chrios

Before the war Edit

Before the war Amsterdam Reich only controlled a small bit of the Bay. Amsterdam created an Alliance with Twente called the Staten Union. Ganara spies discovered it and told their government. Ganara warned his neighbour Dragonia that has a border with Amsterdam. Amsterdam offered Dragonia a choice between joining the Staten Union or war. Dragonia chose not to join the Staten Union. That meant war.

Progress of the war Edit

Northern FrontEdit

The war started when Amsterdam invaded Dragonia. Amsterdam first tried to pushed all the way to the capital Nadora and take the coast line of the bay. The attempt to take the capital was stopped by Dragonian Forces. Meanwhile Ganara and Chrios had join the war against Amsterdam attacking from the north. The attempt to take the coast also failed, Amsterdam needed a new plan so they decided to go through Dragonia and take Ganara's capital Manzanillo and forcing Ganara out of the war. It was a success and Ganara had to withdraw. After the lost of an important ally the Dragonian army collaped and Amsterdam pushed further into Dragonian lands. Soon Dragonia surrendered and lost his whole bay coastline.

Southern FrontEdit

Bakholia saw the war and was furious and decide to attack the United States of Twente an ally of Amsterdam Reich. The invasion of UST was quick and heavy. Twentean patrol at the border was crushed and Bakholia was aiming at an important port. But the Twentean army was already prepared for the attack and Bakholia was pushed back within days. After that both army didn't progress and got stuck at the border and after the end of the war in the North. The country negotiate and made peace.

Treaties Edit

There were two treaties: Manzanillo and Enter.

Treaty of ManzanilloEdit

Dragonia ceded his bay coastline to Amsterdam.

Treaty of EnterEdit

Made peace between Bakholia and Staten Union

Aftermath Edit